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Bang Filmes arranges an encounter with Brazil. We are committed to offer a creative and compelling vision. The objective is to promote Brazilian culture and arts and discuss our issues of environmental preservation.


All done with love

The entire creative process, from the development of the initial concept to production and post-production of our projects, is carried out with agility and competence.


Inspiration and Perspiration

Bang Films is primarily a content producer. Due to this characteristic, it generates a great variety of products. Besides texts and images, we create extensive research material, computer graphics and iconography, which allow the development of films, documentaries, books, cultural and educational projects and exhibitions.


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Bang Filmes

Who we are

Founded in 1995, BANG FILMES creates and produces features, documentaries, exhibitions, books and cultural and educational projects. Always keeping Brazil as the focus. A country that keeps looking for local solutions for current challenges. The company promotes an encounter with Brazilian culture, urbanism and identity. The encounter with BANG FILMES Brazil happens in HD, in the digital pace. Our productions elaborate knowledge with quality in every sense. Our images are captured in high resolution, allowing the availability of our collection to create third-party productions and their use in various formats, including the most advanced display technologies. That is Bang Filmes, a content producer that registers the encounters that form a country. Today, we create in images, sounds and words the portrait of Brazil for the future.


  • +55 (21) 2537-5132 | 2537-8634
  • Rua João Afonso, 46 / casa 201 - Humaitá - CEP: 22461-260 Rio de Janeiro | RJ

Juliana de Carvalho

Juliana de Carvalho

Bang Filmes Direction

The filmmaker Juliana Simões de Carvalho founded the BANG FILMES E PRODUÇÕES in 1995. Using her experience in production, direction and trusteeship of cultural projects and events, she expanded the scope of BANG FILMES, which at first was active only in the film area, to new sectors. In 2012, as publisher of printed and digital publications, Juliana expanded once again the range of companies’ achievements. Juliana is focused on the production of content concerning environmental issues and preservation of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil’s cultural and artistic heritage.

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